About Open Orange

Open Orange is based on the Contributing Structure platform, a Drupal-based website created by Gary Kueber and several Drupal developers. Its first iteration was Open Durham, a crowdsourced (think Wikipedia) inventory of buildings, people, and places in Durham, NC, which Gary donated to Preservation Durham in May 2016.

Open Orange aims to be a county-wide inventory for Orange County, North Carolina. It's easy to create a login and begin adding information and stories to the site - see the support page. The best information and most compelling stories about our history and our built environment comes from people like you.

The site is not a non-profit, because of the headache of maintaining a non-profit - but it is not-for-profit. Its purpose is to create easier access to historical and architectural information for busy 21st century folks - with a focus on a very local and granular history of the places people might encounter on a daily basis.


Site Credits:

Conception / Keeping things running: Gary Kueber

Authorship: Gary Kueber and Steve Rankin

Initial Design: QuickBrownFox Design

Developers: Christina Dulude, Alisa Herr, Chris Russo, Cuberis, Carlos Valdivia, Barb Baranski



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People sources:

Tom Campanella

Tom Magnuson

Ernie Dollar

Peter Sandbeck

Mark Chilton

Steve Davis

David Southern (RIP, 1946-2021); much (most?) of the information on this site would not have been made available without him